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Did you know 96% of first-time visitors to your company website aren’t ready to make a purchase? Content marketing is the differentiating factor in whether you can capture those leads for a future sale. It’s a means to provide value to your website visitors, so when they’re ready to make the purchase, you’re at the top of their minds.

Your content needs to be fresh, too. Google and other search engines are continually adapting their algorithms to promote the newest and most quality content. In our current era of SEO, mediocre doesn’t cut it. You need to blog well, and often.

Every part of your inbound marketing should be driven by content.

Here are the benefits of putting value-driven content in the center of your strategy:

  • Optimally Position Your Website in Search and Social Media

  • Engage Your Audience and Build Long-Term Relationships

  • Capture Leads and Nurture Them Through the Sales Funnel

  • Define the Differentiating Factors of Your Growing Brand

  • Develop Thought Leadership and Become a Known Expert in Your Field

Our content marketing experts can help you capitalize on your potential clients’ need for fresh and valuable content by developing a strategy or providing long-term solutions.

Here are our specialties:  

  • Content strategy, calendars, and keyword research.

  • Copywriting—blog content, press releases, websites, and more.

  • Campaign Development – eBooks, whitepapers, and special offers.

  • Email Marketing and Lead Nurturing

Do you need a podcast, case study, brochure, or almost anything else covered in words? Not a problem–we do those, too.

It’s What We Do

Brax Social Media’s Content Creation team are more than just skilled copywriters, technical writers, and editors. They’re certified inbound marketing specialists who understand the big picture and how to get you there, one piece of content at a time. We can:

  • Write to your real-life clients, in their language

  • Communicate the values and unique attributes of your brand

  • Optimize your content for search engines

  • Motivate visitors to take action by providing value

  • Convert visitors into leads and leads into clients

We’re more than a bunch of word nerds. We’re marketing experts with proven experience speaking to readers in everything from professional journals to product labels.

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